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With the available materials we build tools, with the tools we work other materials. With the ability to record our stories for generations to come, we ensured that knowledge of the use of tools and materials also built the future. aims to continue the tradition by taking advantage of the best that digital technology can offer.


Zone Talks brings to the public spontaneous conversations between LILO.ZONE community experts working on prototyping, physical computing, interactivity, etc. It addresses issues of your daily life and reflections on the innovation market.
Pre-ludios is a series that goes through the experimental trajectories of artist Lina Lopes and her collaborators before the creation of LILO.THINK. Explore the challenges and creative solutions in interactive art and technology projects.
LILO.THINK is an immersive process consulting where creative professionals prototype. It is a space to experiment and create projects focused on technology. This is where art and technique blend synesthetically.
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Zucchini is the ability to communicate and spill over all project experiences within a digital fabrication space. Tangibilizing ideas broadens mental models and makes life full of infinite possibilities.

Online courses

Look at the challenge of mixing the best of the digital world and intense exchanges with the best of the culture of doing. The main proposal that guides the online courses is the possibility of expanding repertoire in creativity, innovation and technology by getting hands-on.
Orquestra Simbiótica
Seja coautor de uma obra de arte biológico-digital. Uma vivência única que conecta arte, ciência e tecnologia.
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Repositório Good Vibes
Não sabe o que fazer com o seu vibrador quebrado?
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O fantástico livro do videomapping em fascículos
Mais que um livro de videomapping, um livro com mapping...
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The best team to communicate a project maker
Online platform for broadcasting DIY, or rather, let's do it together !